Ease Aches with an Herbal Muscle Rub

| 2/7/2011 3:35:41 PM

H.CardenasHeidi Cardenas is a freelance writer and gardener in Lake County, Illinois, with a background in human resources. She has written about gardening for various online venues and enjoys The Herb Companion’s valuable resources. 

With a soothing herbal muscle rub— made with bay leaf, eucalyptus and ginger—you can ease aches and pains naturally. Bay leaf and eucalyptus have pain relieving and antiseptic properties, and ginger root has warming properties. Used together, they provide relief from muscle and tendon soreness, stiffness, bruising and joint pain. Enjoy natural, soothing relief with this special herbal recipe made in an easy afternoon session in the kitchen.

Sweet Bay Leafs
Sweet bay leaves have antiseptic and pain relieving properties. 
Photo by H. Zell/Courtesy
Wikimedia Commons 

Herbal Muscle Rub 

You may already have the tools needed to make a fresh herbal preparation:

• Mortar and pestle
• Large sauce pan
• Double boiler
• A piece of clean, dry cheesecloth
• Six 3-ounce sterilized cosmetic jars
• Six 3-ounce cosmetic bottles