DIY: Natural Air Freshener

| 4/7/2009 2:39:00 PM


Theresa Loe is a freelance garden/culinary writer, book author and blogger who specializes in organic edible gardening and gardening with children. You can find her recipes and garden tips at

All the sunny weather of springtime makes me want to add more fragrant herbs to my daily routines. It is a nice way to bring some of the refreshing garden fragrances inside the home. Herbs not only add fragrance to the air, they can also lift our spirits with their aromatherapy properties. You just can’t get that from an aerosol can!

One way to freshen the air with all-natural scents is to add fragrant herbs and spices to your vacuum bag. I like to create vacuum bag sachets that I keep in a jar with my other cleaning supplies. Every time I change the bag in my vacuum, I tuck one of these little homemade sachets inside. As the air moves through the bag during vacuuming, it releases the lovely scent all throughout the home.

These sachets are especially helpful when you have pets. No more pet hair smell while you vacuum! Instead, you get the lovely garden aroma of herbs and spices. What could be lovelier than that?