5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Using Essential Oils

| 2/16/2018 2:56:00 PM

Have the last, dragging weeks of cold weather been bringing you down recently? The wind is biting; your allergies are acting up; you can’t seem to fight your fatigue; it seems like spring might never come. If waiting for the coming warmer days seems unbearable, have no fear, the herbalists are here! Fight off a variety of wintertime ailments with these simple essential oil recipes.

essential oils with diffuser
Photo by SIerra Vandervort

Diffuse a mixture of warming oils to heat up the energy in your room

Clove oil has a fantastic, spicy aroma that can instantly warm your space. Commonly associated with the element of fire, clove is also very stimulating to the conscious mind and acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, clove oil has been shown to improve blood circulation and naturally boost energy. As an extract from the evergreen trees, it’s still fitting for wintertime, but brings some refreshing energy back. It can also lower stress levels, alleviate respiratory issues and boost your immune system: winter wonder-oil number one!

Recipe: Try using a mixture of clove, sandalwood and orange essential oils in your favorite diffuser when you’re feeling chilled to the bone.

Make an all-natural citrus perfume oil to lift your spirits

Citrus oils are commonly credited for helping fight depression, and bergamot is a potentially less popular but amazingly scented oil. As a popular component in most commercial perfumes, bergamot has a characteristically citrus but slightly woody aroma. It’s also commonly used in skin care products for its natural ability to help heal scars and even distribute pigments. But be careful, applying bergamot oil can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight than normal. To avoid sunburn always dilute oils before applying them to your skin.

Recipe: To make your own bergamot mixture, try combining 3 drops of bergamot with 3 drops of ylang ylang in a one-ounce bottle of your favorite carrier oil, use as an invigorating, all-natural perfume.