Battle Stress With Herbs

| 7/1/2010 11:42:00 AM

R.BureshRandy Buresh (Registered Nurse and Herbalist), is the co-owner and founder of Oregon’s Wild Harvest. Oregon’s Wild Harvest grows, harvests and produces their own medicinal herbal products, many of which use the herbs grown on their certified Biodynamic® and Organic farm in Sandy, Oregon.

If there is a word that describes the average person in today’s busy, multi-tasking world, that word would be “stressed.”  It is nearly impossible to live without stress.  Stress comes to us in many ways, not only on an emotional level, but on a physical level, through our environment and exposure to pathological invasions, pollutants, and germs. 

While it’s probably impossible to avoid all the forms of stress responsible for our physiological responses, it’s quite possible to support the body’s biological reaction to stress. In addition to getting adequate sleep and exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet, all of which go a long way to reducing the impact of stress, there are herbs which can help. Yes, thankfully, there are ways to reduce the impact stress has on our bodies that do not involve alcohol, cigarettes or other common methods of dealing with stress:

• Skullcap is well known among the Cherokee and other Native American tribes as a strong medicinal herb. It is used to support healthy sleep patterns and feelings of well-being, and to reduce anxious feelings.

Skullcap 1
Native Americans used sullcap for mental health support.
Photo by Randy Buresh