Avoid Germs: 5 Germ-Ridden Public Places

| 8/15/2011 3:02:54 PM

Germs are everywhere. Thanks to easy, homemade natural cleaners, keeping your home germ-free is simple. But avoiding germs in public places? Not so easy. High-traffic objects such as pay phones, door handles and light switches are germ hot-beds, receiving thousands (if not more) touches a day. Reduce your exposure by knowing which surfaces harbor the most germs. And remember: Don’t panic. They’re just germs.

1. Restroom door knobs 

While most public restrooms receive a daily cleaning, it’s not likely that the restroom door handles are part of that wipe-down. Protect yourself by using a spare paper towel to grasp the handle.

Pancake House Menu 
Many restaurant menus are never cleaned, making them a haven for germs. Photo By Jenn/Courtesy Flickr. 

2. Soap dispensers 

Door handles aren’t the only public restroom component that escape routine cleaning. Many soap dispensers in public bathrooms are refilled without ever being cleaned out, meaning the soap you use to wash your hands could be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria.