Aromatherapy: Unplug, Reconnect and Bond with Memory Maps

| 9/3/2009 1:07:33 PM


Brenda Stansfield is a licensed massage therapist, certified clincial aromatherapist and the creator of the Clear My Head product line, sold in spas nationally at She belives aromatherapy should be simple and easy to incorporate into a hectic lifestyle.

Lately, I'm noticing a trend and I'm not liking it either. I watch as so many of us (and yes, I am guilty myself) are overly connected with our electronic devices. Yes, it's often time well spent in front of our computer screens updating our friends through Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and yes we all get a little thrill when we open our "mail" to find a note (not just a forward, forward, forward) from a good friend. But ask yourself…would you rather have a ::hug:: or a real hug? 

The problem becomes clear as we watch our children communicate through more text messages and spend less time hearing a voice on the other end of their phones. How does one learn social skills or pick up non-verbal cues any more? After all, intonation in a voice can tell you wonders about a person’s well-being. The big question is how do we reconnect with our loved ones? The answer can be, surprisingly, aromatherapy. 

Use essential oil of lavender for a compassionate hand massage.

Over the years in my massage therapy & aromatherapy practice, I've encountered the "disconnect" of families. I've taught many workshops that bring people together and can open up a safe environment for conversations. Here are a few quick tips to help you turn down the electronic clutter in your life: