4 Areas of Focus for Optimum Pet Health

| 10/8/2015 12:00:00 PM

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October is National Pet Wellness Month, which is a nationwide educational campaign sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Focusing on weight management, balanced diet, dental care, and the special needs for senior pets, the program's initiative hopes to educate the owners of approximate 50 percent of the US pet populations on the preventative measures for battling obesity, diabetes, arthritis and thyroid disease. Through preventative care, as well as weight control, pets can be on the fast track to ultimate health and fitness in no time.

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Weight Management

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10/13/2015 10:40:59 AM

I have a store in which we sell only 2 lines of dry dog and cat food, 4 lines of canned, 2 of dehydrated, and 4 of frozen raw. BUT - this article, purporting to be about health, is really marketing for the Industry (2 industries, really: pet food, and conventional pet medicine. I teach classes at our local community college on making healthy pet food, and creating a diet for your dog or cat that is similar to your own: seasonal variety, local,home grown, organic veggies, local grass fed meats, wild caught fish, local organic eggs and poultry, small amounts of functional carbohydrates to compensate for the depleted soil in which livestock graze and even organic produce is grown, and judicious use of high-quality supplements. It's not recipes for dog or cat food so you can make your own more wholesome version of the every-day-the-same stuff the industry has been promoting for 60 years. It's a way to shop for your pets when shopping for your whole household, making measl with the same degree of variety, and using commercial products the way healthy eaters use them -- very occasionally! You can get good nutrition advice from vets who are members of the AHVMA: the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. But AVMA vets, like those cited here, are far too enmeshed with the petfood industry (one of the most cynical, exploitive and dishonest on the planet - but extremely profitable) to have much credibility with readers of this journal! Most of the "super-premium" pet food is over-priced junk, the "dental treats" not as good as bones, and the basics of nutrition using a culinary approach is not difficult to master. Think about it: the only beings on the planet that are fed an every-meal-the-same "diet" for life are livestock and pets. And livestock are not expected, or even desired, to live out a full lifespan. That's why feeding trials, the gold standard of pet food certification, only last 6 months! Mother Earth needs to find some better sources for information on pet care, more in keeping with the health, environmental and humane values of its readers!

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