7 Cleansing Foods for a Natural Detox

| 9/21/2011 10:14:00 AM

Want to naturally cleanse your body? Our livers, kidneys and other detox organs work hard every day to eliminate toxins from our body. But in these chemical-laden days, our body could use a little help. That’s where a good diet comes in. Many fruits and vegetables enhance the body’s ability to cleanse itself. If you want to prevent a building of harmful toxins, try these seven cleansing foods.

Apples contain high amounts of the fiber pectin, which binds to substances such as cholesterol and heavy metals and helps eliminate them from the body.

Avocados: Among their other numerous health benefits, avocadoes also contain high amounts of glutathione, a strong antioxidant that aids detoxification. Because toxins will stick to glutathione, this protein-amino acid blend can carry harmful substances out of the body. Although our bodies naturally produce glutathione, the high number of chemicals in use today can overwhelm our bodies, and the limited amount of glutathione we make often isn’t sufficient enough to remove toxins.


Beets are an excellent source of betaine, a substance which improves liver function and protects the bile ducts. If eaten raw, beets also contain pectin.   

Cabbage contains high amounts of sulfur, which the liver needs to help break down prescription drugs, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins. Sulfur, an important part of glutathione, binds to heavy metals and helps remove them from the body.