15 Uses for Aloe Vera

| 2/11/2015 11:11:00 AM

The aloe plant is a wonderful healing tool. If you are interested in growing herbs at home, Aloe vera is a great plant for beginners. Even when neglected, it’s virtually impossible to kill. Plus, its leaves produce an aromatic juice with a multitude of health benefits—particularly skin-soothing benefits. Keep a potted aloe plant near a windowsill on your kitchen counter, that way it’s close by to immediately treat burns or other skin irritations.

Uses For Aloe 

1. SOOTHE BURNED SKIN: Various studies have shown that aloe is useful in treating wounds and burns. It’s particularly great at soothing sun burns. Scoop aloe gel into an ice cube tray and freeze for several hours until hardened. To use, apply an ice cube to the affected area for about one minute, until your skin starts to feel numb and the ice cube begins to melt.

2. BANISH BRUISES: Dr. Weil recommends using aloe to treat bruises. Apply aloe gel directly onto the bruise, turn it into a lotion or cream or buy aloe lotion from your local health-food store.

3. TREAT TEETH: Naturally antifungal and antibacterial, aloe can actually treat bad breath. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory b-sitosterol, which soothes acid indigestion—a common cause of bad breath—it can help kill bad bacteria as well as fight tooth decay and gum disease. Dissolve 1/4 cup aloe gel in 1/2 cup water and drink the solution down to improve your breath and oral health.

4. HEAL ATHLETE’S FOOT: Athlete’s foot, a common fungal infection, is another condition that antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory aloe can help tackle. Mix aloe gel with a few drops of tea tree essential oil, another powerful antibacterial, to create a soothing ointment. Apply onto the affected area twice a day until the infection starts to disappear.