Skin That Loves Summer: Baby-Your-Body Powder

It's the roughest season on your outer self but herbs can make it smooth sailing.

| July/August 2001

Baby-Your-Body Powder


Summer weather can also be steamy and sweaty—provoking just as much discomfort as a hot, dry wind. Can you conjure up an image more indulgent than dusting your just-bathed body with a big fluffy puff of fragrant, soothing body powder that’s fresh-smelling and silky to the touch? The powder below is made without talc, a substance that can be harmful if inhaled. It’s safe for use anywhere, even for babies.

• 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
• 1/4 cup cornstarch
• 1 tablespoon fine white clay
• 7 drops lavender essential oil
• 3 drops German chamomile essential oil

1. Mix all the ingredients well; put through a strainer to distribute the essential oils evenly.
2. Store in a tight-lidded container. Apply liberally to chafed or overheated skin. (When applying, slide the powder puff, rather than shaking it, to avoid creating a cloud of powder, especially when using on children.)
3. For a variation, try a total of 10 drops of any other essential oils that you enjoy.

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Mindy Green is an herbalist, aromatherapist, educator, and writer. She is also an esthetician, a consultant to the natural products industry, and director of education at the Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. She is the author of Natural Perfumes (Interweave Press, 1999) and co-author of Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art (The Crossing Press, 1995).  


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