Body & Soul: Homemade Cosmetics Chemistry Kit

A homemade cosmetics kit is a gift that can be tailored to a person’s unique beauty needs.

| February/March 2012

  • Customize your homemade cosmetics chemistry kit with bath salts, lavendar or raw sugar.
    Photo by Angie Cao

I’ve always had a passion for science, so I’m especially fond of these homemade cosmetics chemistry kits. They’re sure to impress the recipient. You can find test tubes and science gear at some craft stores, or try looking in the yellow pages under chemical supplies. Another alternative is to use the tubes that beads or other small items come in, if you have them. Don’t forget, reuse is the highest form of recycling! MAKES 1 CHEMISTRY KIT

• 6 glass or plastic test tubes
• 6 corks or stoppers
• 1 test tube rack, or a small cardboard box with holes cut out to hold the tubes upright
• A few simple body-care recipes typed up on recipe cards
• Protective eyewear, rubber gloves or a white cotton apron
• Labels
• 6 (1-tablespoon) portions of different dry body-care ingredients

Here are a few ideas for ingredients to include and the types of recipes they can be used in. In addition to providing a few homemade cosmetics recipes from EcoBeauty, you should encourage the recipient to conduct some natural body-care experiments of her own devising!

DRY CLAYS, SUCH AS GREEN OR WHITE: Mix it up with a bit of water or yogurt for a facial mask.

BATH SALTS: Add them to a warm bath.

RAW SUGAR: Use it as a body scrub.

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