Superman Scent Jars for Men

These Superman Scent Jars, or natural air freshener, can't leap buildings or dodge bullets in a single bound, but they sure smell fantastic.

| June/July 2005

  • Natural Air Fresheners
    This easy-to-use natural air freshener makes a great (and inexpensive!) gift for the man in your life.

  • Natural Air Fresheners

These scent jars are essentially easy-to-make natural air fresheners for every room. Plus, they make inexpensive gifts for the man in your life—they can't dodge bullets or leap buildings in a single bound, but they sure smells good.

Superman Scent Jars

• 8 ounces unscented glycerin soap
• 1 teaspoon Masculine Scents Mix essential oils
• 3 small jelly jars with lids OR plain juice glasses with plastic wrap to cover
• 1 cup glass marbles or smooth stones

1. Assemble a makeshift double boiler to melt the glycerin soap. Set the soap inside a clean, empty bimetal can that’s 16 ounces or larger, such as a coffee can. Set the can adrift in a 2-quart saucepan filled with three inches of boiling water. Turn the water to a simmer and let the soap melt. Remove the can for pouring with tongs or an oven mitt.

2. Divide the marbles among the three jars or glasses.

3. Add essential oil to melted soap and pour equal amounts into the three jars or glasses.

4. Allow the soap mixture to rest for 6 to 8 hours.

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