Focusing on Flower Essences

They’re popular, they’re gentle. Doflower remedies really work?

| January/February 2004

"Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes," wrote Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), a respected English physician and homeopath. His dissatisfaction with orthodox medicine’s focus on diseases rather than on the people suffering from them led him to create flower remedies, a subtle form of energy medicine Bach was convinced could help people heal themselves, working within the patterns of nature. Proponents believe flower remedies restore balance to the psyche and spirit, removing emotional barriers to health and well-being.


What are Flower Essences?

Like herbal remedies, flower ess-ences are made from plants. However, while herbs contain measurable compounds that stimulate physical healing, flower essences are highly dilute substances chosen for their vibrational energy rather than their physiological effects. (It’s interesting to note that in shamanic healing, plants also are valued for their vibrational energies.)

To make flower essences, fresh flowers are picked in the early morning and steeped in a crystal bowl of spring water in full sunlight for three hours. The flowers are then removed from the water with a twig from the same plant or tree. After being further diluted, the essence is preserved with brandy.

Technically, the term “flower remedy” refers to one of the original 38 remedies developed by Bach, which strict Bach practitioners believe can address any emotional or spiritual problem. The term “flower essence” is given to the hundreds of additional flower remedies that have been created by other practitioners since Bach completed his work. Many practitioners believe that because the world has changed significantly since Bach’s death in 1936, a greater variety of flower remedies is needed.

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