Boost Your Energy with Botanicals

You can boost your energy naturally and treat your body right with these healthy tips and natural beauty recipes.

| December/January 2012

  • Stimulating essential oils and energizing beauty recipes will help keep your spirits up as the days get shorter.
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Rely on plant essences to boost your energy when you start feeling a bit drowsy. The delicious smell, and sometimes visible mist, released when you bend the peel of a citrus fruit, for example, can perk you right up. The key to boosting your energy is not really something new or a huge mystery—it is merely common sense. Yes, your mother was right; there is no denying the benefit of a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a good night’s sleep. And in addition to Mother’s good advice, less traditional practices for boosting your energy, such as aromatherapy, herbs, color therapy and hydrotherapy, easily can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 

Natural Beauty Recipes to Boost Your Energy 

Energizing Sea Salt Skin Polish
Invigorating Foot Rub
Stimulating Scalp Toner
Uplifting Citrus Massage Oil
Energizing Tub Tea 

Try These Editor-Recommended Energizing Beauty Products 

When it comes to increasing your performance and energy level, nothing beats a well-balanced diet. Healthy whole foods will boost your energy like rocket fuel in your body. Natural stimulants such as sugar or caffeine increase your heart rate and speed up your nervous system, giving you an instant rush of energy, but they will also leave your body feeling sluggish later. 

One mistake is to skip meals, especially breakfast. Eating regular meals will fuel your body, giving you the energy you need for the day. It will also reduce the risk of overeating, which can zap your performance.

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