Body & Soul: Make Men's Grooming Products

| February/March 2011

  • CUTS AND NICKS: Grab a clean cotton cloth or tissue and apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding. Avoid that area the next time you shave. You may also apply a bit of vitamin E oil to the spot to help it heal.

Clean-Shaven and Chemical-Free: Here are a few all-natural recipes for you to make at home using botanical ingredients. They also make great gifts when wrapped up with a new razor. Enjoy!

Herbal Aftershave
Bay Rum Aftershave
Olive Oil Shaving Cream
Fresh Grapefruit Cleanser
Natural Clay Mask
Brewer’s Yeast Facial Mask 

Try These: Discover Masculine Scents With Our Product Guide 

Alexander the Great encouraged his troops to shave to avoid “dangerous beard grabbing” during battle; he also felt it looked clean and tidy. Shaving is an ancient aspect of the male grooming regime, seen throughout history in art and photographs. That isn’t always reflected in the marketplace, but however much natural beauty products are aimed at women, guys need chemical-free, plant-based grooming products, too.

Today, the average American male wants more in his medicine cabinet than a deodorant stick and a can of shaving cream, and he can benefit from a selection of healthy skin-care products that will keep his complexion clear, toned and glowing. And although many skin- and hair-care products can be shared by men and women (shampoo, sunscreen and body lotion), men deserve their own set of cleansers, aftershaves, facial scrubs, and masks with bold, masculine scents and natural ingredients suited for their skin types.

Fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage and yarrow are well-suited for masculine tastes. They are all naturally antiseptic and cleansing to the skin. Yarrow in particular is a good choice to use in male product recipes as it is healing, cleansing and astringent.

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