Skin Soothers for Your Body and Soul

| December/January 2000

Skin Soother Recipes

Herbal Infused Oils Recipe  

Herbal Salve Recipe 

Don’t overlook the benefits of using medicinal herbs externally to soothe, heal, and pamper your skin. 

Most of us know by now that echinacea has been shown to lessen the severity and duration of colds and flu and that licorice is an effective remedy for stomach ulcers. We also know that ginseng is used to boost energy and that chamomile is helpful in soothing us to sleep.

But did you know that these and many other herbs we think of strictly as medicines to be taken internally are equally as effective in treating skin ailments such as wounds or psoriasis, or cosmetic problems such as acne or wrinkles? If you read the labels of skin-care products carefully, you’ll realize that there may be nettles in your shampoo and ginseng in your night cream.

After all, herbs were not only the first medicines—they were the first cosmetics. In fact, the two were often interchangeable. At the turn of the twentieth century, a popular facial toner may have been used as an anti-inflammatory, a digestive aid, and a cough remedy. The famous “Three Thieves Vinegar,” which contained garlic, wormwood, and sage and was said to prevent robbers from catching the plague while stealing from their victims’ bodies, was similar to the “Queen of Hungary’s Water,” a facial toner that contained rosemary and lavender and retained the youth of a woman who married a much younger man.

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