Body & Soul: Quick and Easy Rosewater

| June/July 2009

  • Rosewater and lavender water are wonderful facial toners. Friis-Larsen

Makes 10 ounces 

If you do not have time to distill your own rosewater, you can create rosewater using a much simpler method. Your water may not be as fragrant as the distilled method but the results are very pleasant and you can use the mild rose-scented liquid as a light fragrance, after-bath splash or skin toner. It also makes a nice addition to homemade creams and lotions.

• 1 cup firmly packed rose petals, washed
• 2 cups boiling water

1. Place rose petals in a ceramic or glass bowl. Use only fresh petals (no leaves or stems). Pour boiling water over petals, and allow petals to steep until cool. 

2. Strain off the petals and pour the scented liquid into a clean bottle. 

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