Homemade Facial Mist

Cool down with this homemade facial mist.

| June/July 1999

Homemade Facial Mist

Use skin-healing herbs such as calendula and lavender in this homemade facial mist.

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For a homemade facial mist that will not only wake you up but heal skin, try this simple recipe.

• 10 drops essential oil blend
• 1/4 cup rosewater or orange flower water
• Herbal tincture
• Aloe vera juice
• Witch hazel and/or filtered water
• 1 teaspoon grain alcohol

1. Mix 10 drops essential oil blend with 1/4 cup rosewater or orange flower water, herbal tincture, aloe vera juice, witch hazel (especially good for oily skin), and/or filtered water and 1 teaspoon grain alcohol (vodka or Everclear) to disperse the essential oils. (The alcohol is optional.)

2. Tinctures of calendula, echinacea, plantain, or gotu kola—all known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties—may be added to pump up the formula.

3. Close your eyes when spraying your face. Don’t use citrus oils on skin exposed to sunlight because they can cause photodermatitis and increase pigmentation.

Mindy Green is an herbalist, aromatherapist, consultant to the natural products industry, and director of education at the Herb Research Foundation. This article is adapted in part from her book Natural Perfumes, published this year by Interweave Press.

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