An Herbal Guide to Healthy Hair

This botanical beauty regimen will help tresses shine and feel soft at any age.

| July/August 1999

6 At-Home Hair Treament Recipes

• Shampoo Base
• Gentle Herbal Shampoo
• Herbal Conditioning Rinse
• Antidanruff Rinse
• The Ultimate Hair Treament
• Honey Infusion Treatment 

Throughout time, hair has served as a bodily adornment, protector from the ­elements, and part-time obsession. Growing only one-tenth of an inch per week and shedding roughly forty to eighty hairs per day, hair is lusted after by many who simply wish they had more of the stuff.

Hair that’s only one foot long (approximately shoulder length) is more than two years old at the ends; truly long-tressed beauties carry living histories in their hair. Like the rings of a tree, the hair shaft reveals its experiences over the years—pregnancies, environmental changes, stress, chemical damage, dietary habits, and a host of other life happenings.

During one’s twenties, hair is at its fullest, most lustrous stage. Excessive oiliness at this time of life can be remedied with astringent herbal shampoos that contain witch hazel, lemongrass, grapefruit, or tea tree.

By contrast, as the first gray appears during the thirties, hair begins to grow finer in texture and thin out through loss. This pattern picks up speed as people reach their forties and fifties. Plucking out gray hair is futile because the original hair has become thinner, drier, and duller. For women, as menopause sets in, hormonal fluctuations trigger radical changes in hair growth patterns, textures, and total hair mass. Special herbal treatments are often the answer for thin, lifeless hair; nourishing herbal conditioners become more and more necessary; and herbal colorants become increasingly tempting to use (see page 60).

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