All is Write with the World

Learn to explore the world around you through poetry

| April/May 2002

Connect to the natural world through poetry. 

For centuries, poets worldwide have written about the natural world’s wonders. Thich Nhat Hanh celebrated how “water flows from high in the mountains.” Gary Snyder exulted being alive “on a mid-September morn/fording a stream/barefoot.” The Eskimos reveled in “the arch of sky and mightiness of storms.”

And what about you? Don’t you know what it’s like to stand beneath a night sky breathing in the scents of life? Don’t you recall that day in the garden when you saw that first butterfly flitting around your favorite blooms?

Why not write about it? When we enter the natural world with a pen in our hand, we automatically heighten our senses. Instead of passing by the wild rose bush growing abruptly out of a rock, note it. Instead of merely observing the landscape, interact with it and find meaning in it.

Oh, but you’re not a poet? No excuse. As New Mexico poet Renée Gregorio says, “Anyone can write. Poets are the people who actually do write. . . who take the time to engage with the world, be alive to the moment, gather images, and then find out what the images are all about.’’

Basically, poetry is a chance to marry who you are with what you see. There, in ink, you can connect with all that surrounds you. And the good news is, you can’t do it wrong.

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