The Herb Garden Aptitude Test

| October/November 1995

Do you have a talent for herb gardening, or does your enthusiasm greatly exceed your cultivation skills? Do you talk to your tarragon and commune with your comfrey, or are long, fruitless conversations with unresponsive rosemary cuttings more characteristic of your rapport with herbs?

No matter what degree of success you have had in the past, the following quiz may help define your aptitude for raising and using herbs. Find a pencil and a comfortable place to sit, place your tongue in your cheek, and fill in your answers. Then read Interpreting the results and learn how to improve your relationship with herbs.

1. Which one of the following statements best describes your experience with herbs?

(a) This past summer, I had seven different varieties of thyme, all grown from my own cuttings, eagerly creeping around my herb garden.

(b) I just watched my fourth thyme plant shrivel up and die this summer, still in its little black plastic pot from the nursery because I never found time to plant it. The $2.50 price tag is even more visible on the dead plant now that all the tiny leaves have dropped off the branches.

(c) I read somewhere that there is more than one kind of thyme, but I’m still trying to establish common garden thyme in the patch of dirt between the kids’ sandbox and the driveway.

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