Color it Green: Earthy Colors Top Design Trends

This year, it's hot to color it “green” says Color Marketing Group.

| September/October 2002


Color Marketing Group

“Eco-color” takes top billing in the Color Marketing Group’s (CMG’s) predictions for lighter, softer world color trends this year. The association of 1,600 color designers has put forward a “green” palette that includes softened yellow-greens, earthy tans, and dewy blues that “pave the way to awareness of our surroundings.”

The deep-seated influence of nature on color trends is expected to counterbalance the sensory overload that results from a technology-saturated culture. Watery, aquatic blues continue to be important, but botanical blues are also emerging. Yellows and greens are key, and the newest yellows are inspired by the organic qualities of fruits, vegetables, and grains. New greens are designed to evoke grasslands.

Other influences include the international marketplace—with “romantic and passionate earth-connected colors” such as reds, yellows, and oranges. “Comfort” colors—protective, feel-good colors influenced by comfort foods and family heirlooms—include deep reds, light blues, and tans. Metal ore colors such as rust, deep yellow, and gray are also making a presence.

CMG’s forecasts serve as a guide for designers in the automotive, home, fashion, and graphics industries. The experts’ prediction for the big color of 2004? French vanilla. Could that possibly mean beige?

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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