Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

An alternative to harmful commercial shampoos.

| February 2008 Web

Many commercial shampoos contain harmful dyes and detergents and can leave polymers behind that disrupt your hair’s Ph balance, body and texture. Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Washes work to undo the damage by removing the gunk left behind and restoring your hair to its natural balance.

It does this via bentonite clay, the product’s active ingredient. Using the non-lathering hair wash takes a little getting used to–it is essentially mud, after all. But unlike commercial shampoos that strip hair by making it more porous, the hair wash's unique swelling clay works to absorb the nasty dirts, toxins, excess oils and polymer plastics from the hair and washes the bad stuff down the drain leaving your locks softer and healthier. 

Even if you can get past the idea of putting mud in your hair, the product isn’t for everyone. If your hair requires a lot of maintenance and styling or if you don’t prefer the natural texture of you hair, Terressentials Pure Hair Wash is not for you.  It also requires commitment—it takes a few washes to see results and going back to traditional shampoos and conditioners will undo any progress made by the hair wash. But if you’re looking for a way to rid your head of all that messy build-up and sludge, there isn’t a better option than Terressentials Pure Hair Wash.

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