How To Prevent High Electricity Bills

We can’t put it off forever. It’s inevitable. Eventually the temperature will skyrocket and the air conditioner gets fired up. So now’s a good time to think about what can be done to curb the high energy cost that comes with keeping cool.

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The quickest way to make an air conditioner more efficient is to change the air filter. A dirty filter can result in an efficiency reduction of twenty percent or more. It can also seriously affect the air quality in your home, causing allergic symptoms. 

If allergies are an issue, then consider putting in an electronic, electrostatic or HEPA filter. These filters, particularly the HEPA, clean allergens from the air better than pleated paper filters and they are reusable after a cleaning. Unfortunately, they also require more inspection and maintenance than the cheaper pleated filters, because they collect more of the junk that’s in the air—and some work too well, restricting airflow, so check with an A.C. professional to see what option works best for your home’s system. 

Another way to prevent incurring a high electricity bill during the peak A.C. season is to set the thermostat a little higher. Every 1-degree change equals 2 percent in energy savings. This makes a programmable thermostat pay for itself in no time, especially if you set it to raise numerous degrees during the time you’re away from home. This way you can run your air conditioner without sacrificing comfort or cash.

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