Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Take our quiz and find out how to make your home more efficient this winter.

| November/December 2002


1. When was the last time you changed your furnace or central AC filter?

• a. Last month
• b. Last year
• c. Don’t have one
• d. Am I supposed to change it?

2. Do you have a thermostat and, if so, is it...

• a. Programmable—automatically adjusts your home’s temperature setting when you’re asleep or at home?
• b. Non-programmable?
• c. Don’t have a thermostat

3. Does your home suffer from any of the following?

• a. None of the following
• b. Drafty windows, rooms, and/ or cold floors
• c. Pollutants such as dust, pollen, and mold
• d. Moisture on the windows; mildew and damp basements
• e. Two to three of the above

4. Have you added extra insulation to your attic?

• a. Yes
• b. No

5. Is your home’s air conditioner more than ten years old?

• a. Don’t have an air conditioner
• b. No
• c. Yes
• d. Don’t know

6. The average household spends $1,300 a year on energy bills. Do you typically spend more, the same, or less?

• a. Less
• b. About the same
• c. More

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