In Basket: September 2009

| August/September 2009

  • "I have a very tiny yard. I decided to build a lasagna garden and decorate it."
    Ann Hawk
  • Rachel Cooper's apothecary rose blossoms in her heirloom rose garden in Alpharetta, Georgia.
    Rachel Cooper

Dear Herb Companion, 

I’ve been using herbs for many years, and am trying to grow my own herbs, with the help of your articles. I read with much interest your May 2009 article “Soothe Psoriasis.” I use herbs internally to treat this condition with success. But I am very curious to know where to get the natural ointment mentioned in the article. (It includes aloe gel, witch hazel, vitamin E oil, menthol, tea tree oil, pine tar, cedar leaf oil and clove oil). Is it a retail product that I can purchase?
–Gabriella Chow, Richmond Hill, Ontario

We received many letters about this article. To find the ingredients to make Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa’s ointment, try your local health-food store. —Eds. 

I just received my first issue of The Herb Companion and it’s by far the best magazine I’ve ever read. I even like the ads! All my issues are definitely going to be saved. I wonder why I’ve never seen it at Whole Foods Market. It seems to me like it would be of interest to many shoppers in natural food stores such as this.
–Tony Holiday, San Francisco

Tony, we are in some Whole Foods Markets, but not all stores carry us. Please let them know you want to see us there! —Eds. 

I am learning so much from your magazine! As a relatively new gardener, I know I would find basic tips on planting and maintaining a garden helpful. Also, including the heat index would be great. When you live in the lower, western corner of the country, heat becomes an issue.
–Charlee Helms, Midland, Texas

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