In Basket: March 2011

| February/March 2011

Dear Herb Companion, 

THE ARTICLE "SAGE" in your September 2010 issue included a wonderful photo of many beautiful sage varieties. However, I would like to identify the lavender plant shown blooming high and full over in the back. Can you please help?

—Lillian Campbell, Williamsburg, Virginia

That lovely plant is Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia). It is a hardy, cold-tolerant perennial plant that blooms in summer and fall. It’s considered easy to grow and attracts butterflies to the garden. —Eds. 

MY FIANCÉ AND I were flipping through the November 2010 issue of The Herb Companion and we really enjoyed your article “Perfect Pairings: Marrying Herbs and Salts.” Before reading this article, we wouldn’t have given artisan salt a second thought, but the historical lead grabbed us from the beginning, and then for the first time, you made us think about salt as being something that might be better if bought locally. Meats, vegetables and herbs, sure, but we’d never really considered salt. Well done, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

—Caleb Regan, Lawrence, Kansas

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