In Basket: January 2011

| December/January 2011

Dear Herb Companion, 

AS SOMEONE RECENTLY diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I would love to see more gluten-free recipes. Thanks for asking!

—Erica Lake, Murray, Utah

AFTER READING “SWEETEN Your Holidays without Refined Sugar” in your November 2010 issue, I was hoping that you would have suggestions for stevia.

—Joan Mathre, St. Petersburg, Florida

Stevia is an intense sweetener—about 300 times sweeter than regular sugar—whereas the article concentrates on sweeteners that behave more like sugar. I covered stevia in 2006. The article is called  “Naturally Sweet,” and it’s available on If purchasing stevia, look for a product with at least 80 percent of the component known as “rebaudioside A,” which leaves less of the bitter aftertaste that some people find objectionable. Also note that baked goods containing stevia don’t turn golden brown, and stevia doesn’t work well in yeast breads, as it won’t allow the yeast to rise. But it’s fine for many sweets. —Author Gina Mohammed 

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