In Basket: July 2009

| June/July 2009

Dear Herb Comanion,

A note of thanks for your awesome magazine! I work overseas in Zimbabwe, Africa. I must have seen your magazine somewhere online and ordered it. When I arrived in the states for a visit, I finally got to read them. Wow! They are fantastic and so helpful. We provide herbal medicine to local Zimbabweans who seek medical treatment through our clinic. We use herbs from our organic garden and I’m always researching new and old ones. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with many options for plant usage (lots of teas) and medicinal purposes. We appreciate all that’s available. Thanks for helping to expand our knowledge. I’ll look forward to having my family send the magazine out to me.
Julie Van Zevern, Zimbabwe, Africa

I can’t tell you how much I always look forward to my next issue of The Herb Companion. I make a nice cup of herbal tea, get cozy in my favorite chair and read it from cover to cover. I’m so glad I came across The Herb Companion about a year ago. I cherish every issue. Thanks.
Di Mooney, Wasilla, Alaska

I received my first issue of The Herb Companion yesterday and wanted to share how thrilled I am by your magazine. You give real tips, real recipes to make your own home-care products, and real information on herbs without a “we have to follow the crowd” mentality. The Herb Companion is fantastic—a breath of fresh air in a magazine world run by politics.
Corri Baker, Portland, Oregon

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