How Organic Are You? Test Your Knowledge of USDA Organic Standards

Test your knowledge about USDA-certified organic foods.

| September/October 2003


1. Can a certified organic food be irradiated?
a) Yes
b) No

2. How much of a product’s content must be made of certified organic ingredients to use the “Made with Organic” label?
a) 100 percent
b) 70 percent
c) 85 percent

3. What non-food crop is the most pesticide intensive?
a) pine trees
b) cotton
c) flax

4. Which fruit contains the heaviest load of pesticides when grown conventionally?
a) peaches
b) pineapples
c) blueberries

5. What standards must be met for meat and dairy products to be certified organic?
a) The animals eat only 100 percent organic feed.
b) The animals are not treated with antibiotics.
c) Both a and b.


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