How to Make Wine From Home

For cooking or drinking, these brews are worth the wait.

| December/January 1993

Call me crazy, but I’ve never been a big fan of vinegar in cooking. Herbal vinegars are a staple in many kitchens, but when I’m cooking creatively (and that always includes herbs), I like the flavor that wine provides; I rarely seek the astringency of vinegar outside of the salad bowl. It’s only logical that this culinary quirk would eventually lead me into learning how to make herbal wine from home.

Wine Making Primer: 

• How to Make Wine 
• A Wine-Making Glossary 

Herbal Wine Recipes:  

• Rose Petal Wine
• Rosemary Wine
• Lavender Wine
• Peppermint Wine 

Nearly all the herbal wines I’ve seen in shops have been made by soaking herbs in a commercial grape wine. That’s certainly a quick and simple way to impart an herbal flavor to wine, but it’s completely different from starting from scratch and fermenting herbs into wine. That is what I call herbal wine. I’ve been making wine from wild and orchard fruit for years, and since I started making herbal wines, I’ve become really hooked.

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