Tips to Make Your Children's Schools Healthier

Kids spend a lot of time at school. Why not make it a healthy environment?

| September/October 2003

1. Ask the grounds crew to use natural herbicides and pesticides. Children are highly susceptible to toxic pesticides sprayed on playgrounds and athletic fields because of their high metabolisms and low body weights.

2. Create paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling centers near waste bins. Encourage recycling through newspaper drives and by enrolling your school in a program that collects computer printer cartridges and used cell phones.

3. Request that the school copy center and administrative offices use 100 percent recycled paper.

4. Demand vegan and vegetarian options at the cafeteria. SYSCO Foods, a major supplier of institutional foods, now has a vegetarian product line called MoonRose.

5. Work with the administration and food services departments to eliminate Styrofoam cups, plastic utensils, and other wasteful products. Help make space for a composter to utilize food remains, then organize a kids’ detail to help with composting.

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