Declutter Your Home for Less Stress

Declutter your home and life with feng shui by taking a second look at what's inside your home.

| January/February 2002

The objects in your home are subconsciously speaking to you all the time. The pile of newspapers stacked by your bed or the accumulation of paper on your desk is blocking forward life movement. And your accessories are either helping you move toward your life goals or they are hindering your progress.

Think about what happens when your mind is full with too much to do and too little time. Anxiety takes over, your head swirls with overwhelming thought, and nothing gets accomplished. But as soon as you make a list, your head empties, stress lifts, and it becomes easy to prioritize and accomplish tasks one at a time.

In feng shui, when your home is full of items that you don’t need (are you really going to read all those newspapers and direct mail solicitations?), your subconscious leaves no room for new life opportunities. Or when they do present themselves, you may not be as receptive.

So take an inventory of your home and ask yourself the following questions: Do you use the item? Do you find it attractive?

As you do your item-by-item evaluation, ask yourself, What is the story or memory associated with each accessory? If the item reminds you of good times, happy associations, and inspires joy, it is a keeper. If it reminds you of what could have been, soured relationships, or an unhappy circumstance, the item may be someone else’s joy when it gets donated.

Evaluate your home regularly; we have an inherent ability to accumulate and evolve beyond the stuff that no longer serves us.

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