Squeaky Clean Without A Drop of Water

The Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash is simple to use and will keep your car—and conscience—clean this summer from dirt and grime.

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Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash

Washing your car can use 50 to 100 gallons of water, which becomes contaminated and washes back into sewers and rivers.

Washing your car with a hose actually costs more than you think. Washing from home uses twice as many gallons of water as a commercial car wash (about 100 gallons). All the contaminated runoff drains back into the sewer, streams, lakes and river. It can also be a mess with the hose, buckets, soap and soaked towels.

The Eco Touch waterless car wash requires two items: the Eco Touch solution and one or two microfiber towels. It’s as simple as spraying the car down one panel at a time and wiping the solution away with one of the towels. The second towel can be used to give a car that summery shine. 

Depending on car size, one bottle of Eco Touch can wash up to six cars. A fewer number of washes is likely the bigger the car, so how much one car wash costs varies. One 22-ounce bottle costs $9.99, making each wash cost $1.67. Two microfiber towels also cost $6.99. Two to three washes, however, can cost $2.50 to $3.33. Still, this is less than most commercial car washes, and you are saving hundreds of gallons of water. 

The ingredients of the waterless car wash include plant-derived surfactants, water-soluble polymers, soy-based organic solvent, mild preservative and water. Eco Touch also sells environmentally conscious carpet and upholstery cleaner, dashboard and trim spray and metal and core polish. 

Eco Touch products are available at www.EcoTouch.net, and a list of retail stores is also on the site.

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4/11/2014 6:29:31 AM

Eco tech is a very good product which can save up to gallons of water. We need to wash our car in order to protect it but it needs gallons of water and lot of water is wasted. So by using Eco tech we can save the environment as well as the car. Many service centers like http://www.performancepluscars.com/porsche.html use this type of products to save the environment.

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Eco touch is an innovative product specially for http://www.eurotechtuningca.com/bmw-repair/ centers. They can use it and can contribute to environment saving plane. Thousands of gallons of water is being wasted for car cleaning across if this tech is implied a lot can be saved.

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