Eco Experts: Safer Water Pipes and Natural Home Cooling Questions Answered

Also find out solutions to reducing electromagnetic fields and learn how silkworms produce silk.

| May/June 2002


Safe water pipes

We are about to replace 800 feet of water piping from our well to our farmhouse and are wondering if we should look for an alternative to polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipe. We have found lots of alarming information about the dangers of PVC, but no viable alternatives.

—Dale Williams, via e-mail

The plastics industry considers PVC itself to be inert. When used, however, PVC pipe must be joined together with toxic glue, which can leach into your water supply. In some areas it is illegal to use PVC pipe for potable water.

Copper pipe is the best choice for incoming water. It is the most expensive choice, but the only alternative is galvanized pipe, which is more expensive to install and doesn’t last as long. In the long run, copper is most healthful and economical.

Keeping cool naturally

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