Body and Soul: Natural Baby Care

Sweet, Safe Smells for your Little Ones

| April/May 2006

Natural Baby Care Recipes:

When we think of caring for babies, the most immediate association for many people is the scent — baby powder or freshly laundered baby clothes. The scent of popular baby products reminds us of the love we have for our children.

I’m sure you’ve heard many people say, “I love the scent of a baby.” What do babies smell like? They smell like all that we do to nurture them, or what we neglect to do. They smell like the fresh little folks they are before the buildup of an often-toxic lifestyle accumulates in their bodies.

Developing a Sweet-Smelling Home

In polite society, we rarely admit that we actually can detect the scent of another. When we do, it is often a negative association. In fact, we smell each other all the time, processing many scent clues from our environment in a few short seconds. Scent certainly plays a large part in the hygiene we afford ourselves, our homes and our children. Become aware of the “odor print” in your home, and the scents you are introducing into your child’s life. Wouldn’t it be nicer to smell lavender or tea tree in a diaper pail instead of the harsh chemicals usually used to soak diapers? You can develop your own sentimental scents for your children every day, right in your home. The next time you peel an orange, lemon, grapefruit or lime, squeeze the peel and let a child see and smell the pure essential oils that flow out of the ruptured cells in the peel. You even can make your own kitchen spice potpourri to keep the fragrance circulating throughout your kitchen for months.

Baby's First Hair Conditioning

2/28/2014 4:29:32 AM

When we are taking of the baby we must be very careful towards the habits of the baby, then the baby would be most healthy baby of the world. Their many types of baby those who would like to have treatment to the other people. We should be very careful regarding our health and This will improve the baby health.

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