Which Herb Are You Most Excited About Growing This Year?

| 3/16/2010 4:02:03 PM

GinaThe weather may or may not be looking up in your neck of the woods, but one thing is certain—herbies are excited about growing herbs! We want to know which herbs you're most excited about growing this year and why? Are you going to experiment with a new culinary herb or are you ready to concoct some of your all-time favorite herbal teas? We asked our Facebook fans and followers on Twitter what they're most excited about growing. Many of you can't wait to grow your age-old favorites and some of you are eager to start something new. Here are some of our Facebook and Twitter answers. Did your comment get published?

From left to right: stevia, dill, basil and garlic.

"I grow about 300 herbs and I am excited about all of them. But new ones to me this year include starting some spiked zaatar from seed and getting an anise verbena plant." —Betty Pillsbury

"Lemon verbena. Mmm, it smell sooo good!" —Allie SilverMoon

"Enough basil for pesto and enough mint and parsley for a summer of tabouli. Holy basil for tea is sooooo healing!" —Lynn Snyder

"Would you believe good 'ole mugwort? LOL! Artemisia douglasiana to be exact...go figure!" —Heather MacGregor