Top 8 Gardening Products For Fall: Pt. 2

| 10/22/2008 12:31:21 PM

You've waited and here they are! My picks for the best autumn gardening products*.

Wearable Gardening Stool
4.  The Wearable Garden Stool – An eccentric addition to your gardening arsenal, the Wearable Garden Stool is a fun, efficient and useful way to garden without backache, and just in time for bulb-ing! Read more in my blog: But It's The Pelvic Stool ThrustFrom: -- For: $54.99** 

The Living Wall
3.  The Living Wall – Although this vertical potter can be somewhat difficult to manage, the unique Living Wall is sure to be the talk of the town – or at least of your home. From: -- For: $169 

The Worm Farm Factory
2.  The Worm Factory Composter – Providing you with year-round compost and compost tea, The Worm Factory is a fun, environmentally friendly alternative to fertilizer, and a great place to dump your vacuum dust! For detailed info, read my blog: Open a Can of Worms. From: Uncle Jim's Worm Farm -- For: $69.95