The Garden Buzz: Adding Bog Sage to the Wish List

| 10/5/2011 2:19:39 PM

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Google “Bog Sage” and the search engine will insist that you are looking for information on comedian Bob Saget.

Perhaps that’s the reason I’ve never encountered this herb before—it has a branding problem. 'Bog' sage doesn’t quite have a poetic ring to its name. Search it further and find that the Latin label is Salvia uliginosa, which at first glance appears to say Salvia ugly-something.

Wandering around the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum the other day, I followed a flock of goldfinches from plant to plant down a back walkway. They were hopping from echinacea to echinacea chattering and chirping, each time just out of range from my camera lens, when I came upon a beautiful scene.

Photo by Rhonda Hayes 

Clouds of Brazilian verbena and Russian sage (sounds like a United Nations of flowers) blooming against the low autumn sunlight created a haze of sparkling azure and lavender. Then I detected another shade, a true sky blue. I quickly sought out the label in hopes of identifying the gorgeous blue spires.

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