Support Local Garden Shops

| 4/29/2011 11:08:00 AM

I have nothing against the gardening sections of big-box discount stores. Useful things can be found there and often at a decent price. My intention is to encourage you to patronize your local nurseries, garden shops and farmers' markets for plants, advice or fresh produce.

Your local nursery or garden shop will most likely be staffed by plant lovers who will not only know about the flora they sell, but can advise you on the best conditions for the plants you choose.

I’ve recently come across a great shop called Diggin’ It in McKinney, Texas, which is not far from where I live. Owner Tracey Collins had a childhood dream of owning a garden shop in an old gas station. Her shop is in a former Greyhound Bus Depot, so she’s not far off the mark.

4/29/2011 Diggin It Shop 

With a bachelor's degree in horticulture from Oklahoma State University, Tracey came to Texas in the mid 80s and spent time as an antiques mall vendor before opening Diggin’ It in July of last year.