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Save Money: Recycled Creations for your Garden

As a fresh blanket of snow covers your garden in these wintery months, you can still enjoy the fun of beautifying it inside, while keeping nice and warm.

In the spring, which seems so far away, I often admired gardens as I walked through my neighborhood or town. I loved the various creations each gardener made for his or her garden such as colorful bird baths or cute garden critters. The best part was that all of the garden decorations were made from ordinary household items.

Create your very own recycled garden by borrowing out these three easy ideas. to create your very own recycled garden.

The Spring Scarecrow: I found this great idea from eHow contributor Alina Bradford. She says to find old children’s clothes and tie off the arm sleeves and pant legs. Then stuff the clothing with an eco-friendly material such as straw or even old scraps of fabric to make a mini scarecrow that you can use to greet your garden admirers. I recommend using bright patterns or colors to make a friendly scarecrow for the spring.

Bold Bird Baths: Take out your dusty Jell-O mold or Bundt cake pans and revive your creativity to make a colorful and bird-friendly bath. Flip the mold or pan upside down to decorate the bottom. Use non-toxic paint or fun, shiny jewels to bedazzle your bath. This will add a little sparkle to your garden. If you have already planned out what you want to grow in the spring, try to complement the colors of your garden to create an eye-pleasing haven.

Mosaic Wonders: Spice up your planting pots by gluing small pieces of a broken plate or glass to the sides. Be sure to use non-toxic glue or plaster.

While you dream of your perfect garden in the spring, make the time pass with these eco-friendly, and cost-friendly, crafts. Who knew being green could be so fun! What crafts do you make for your garden? What are your plans for you garden?

Photo by smctngirl/ Courtesy Flickr 

  • Published on Feb 11, 2011
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