Our First Official Garden Harvest: Adding Spinach to the Dinner Table!

| 6/22/2011 12:59:17 AM

Michelle MooreShelley Moore is an aspiring organic backyard gardener with hopes of becoming a true 'green thumb'. She is the mother of two young daughters and the wife of one helpful husband. They reside in northern Utah.

I have to say, eating something right out of your very own garden is pretty downright awesome! I've eaten food from the garden from my home and family growing up, but now it's mine and my family's garden. It's amazing to me.

Our spinach we have been growing from indoor seedlings, as well as the new seeds we planted in the garden, was ready for picking. We ate about four spinach leaves while the first plants were still in the house, but now, it was time for some real harvesting out of our real outside garden! 

My east-side neighbor said she would cut the outer leaves off of spinach; this way the plant keeps growing. Sounded like good advice to me.

So before dinner that day I went out into the garden armed with a colander and my kitchen scissors. I pretty much cut the bigger leaves of the plant and chose to cut near the base of the stem. Is this the way to harvest spinach? I don't know for sure, but that's what I did! 

cut spinach