My Favorite Christmas Thyme Book and Dried Herb Wreaths: Part 1

| 12/7/2011 10:52:00 AM

One of my favorite herbal cookbook authors is Marge Clark. Sadly she passed away in 1999. Her cookbooks do live on and all of them are still available through Amazon or Bookfinder. I love her recipes because they are the best comfort food recipes. These old-fashioned recipes remind me of my childhood and I have never been disappointed when making them. One of my favorite Marge Clark books is a wonderful Christmas book with menus for entertaining through the holidays, all kinds of craft and gift ideas and Christmas legends as well. It is called Christmas Thyme at Oak Hill Farm.

Favorite Christmas Book of Lemon Verbena Lady 

I can’t believe that Christmas is less than three weeks away. Every year since I started blogging, I have wanted to try these mini wreathes. So now is the thyme! There are two types: potpourri and spice. I have a lot of old stale potpourri and thought this would be the perfect idea to repurpose it.

Items Needed to Make Mini Potpourri Wreaths 

Make Mini Potpourri Wreaths 

For one 2 1/2- to 3-inch wreath, you’ll need: