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Make New Friends with The Herb Society of America

Jessy Rushing is a Texas gardener who fell in love with herbs after tripping into a rosemary shrub one day. The scent on her clothes cheered her up all afternoon. Her curiosity was aroused and since then her herb gardening has been part investigation, part experimentation and most importantly, part delight.

Gardening is generally a solo pastime. Few people leap to their feet to offer their services pulling weeds, planting or watering. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The time I spend alone in the garden quiets my mind and nourishes my soul. Still, there are times when every gardener needs to connect with like-minded people. Reading, researching and studying about herbs is rewarding, but sharing ideas with other herbies expands my world and opens up untold possibilities and opportunities.

I recently returned from San Marcos, Texas, where a District Gathering of the Herb Society of America was held. My North Texas Unit is in the South Central District, so we had groups from different parts of Texas as well as members from Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.What a great time we had!Hearing speakers, visiting Wimberley Herbs with Sara Holland, touring Aquarena Springs (on a glass bottom boat!) and trading ideas with people that share a love of all things herbal was stimulating as well as educational.

The glass bottom boat awaits.
Photo by Jessy Rushing

If you haven’t checked out the Herb Society of America, I urge you to go to their website.The website itself is a treasure trove of information.Click on the “About Herbs” tab and you can start with the basics and build from there. Are you brand new to the delight of herbs? There’s a Beginner’s Guide to Herbs that will lead you step by step to having your own wonderful herb garden.Interested in delving deeper into a particular herb?Check out the Herbal Profiles and Guides section for a wealth of information. In the conservation section there’s information about the GreenBridges Initiative, a program and newsletter for gardeners interested in native herb conservation.

HSA President Linda Lain and Aquarena Springs Guide/Grad Student
in Agricultural Education Melody Baker share a GreenBridges Brochure.

Photo by Jessy Rushing

What’s New has a calendar of events as well as a listing of all the districts–click on each district and it will list the state(s) it serves.When you find yours it will list the contact information for your unit.

Members of the North Texas Unit of HSA at the District Gathering in San Marcos, Texas.
Photo courtesy of Jessy Rushing

The Resources tab is chocked full of goodies.Want to get your kids interested in gardening?Check out Thyme 4 Kids.Be sure to read up on the opportunities for grants and scholarships, too.

Joining the Herb Society of America and becoming active in my local unit was a big step for me.I’m an only child bookworm, used to amusing myself.Being part of my herb group has opened up doors I was unaware of, brought me new ideas and best of all connected me with herb-loving friends I would never have met.

Enjoying a newly made friendship with Dianne Duperier
from the Southeast Texas Unit – Beaumont Texas – of HSA.

Photo courtesy of Jessy Rushing

Come join us– maybe I’ll see you at the next gathering!

“Reading is good but the garden is the best teacher.” –Christine Allison

  • Published on Dec 3, 2010
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