Love Your Basil: Cinnamon Basil

| 4/19/2010 3:05:13 PM


Ramona Werst has a love for growing, caring for, and cooking with basil. There are over 30 different varieties of basil in her current collection, and she is adding to her collection all the time. She creates recipes to use with different basils and will teach you how to Love Your Basil! Visit her blog,, to download her free e-book, Love Your Basil.

My love for basil started by wanting to enhance my culinary skills, but once I started collecting this amazing herb and cooking with it I wanted to share with everyone how to grow, care for, and cook with basil.

There are hundreds of different varieties of basil. I have come to love the common sweet basil we all know as well as the exotic and incredibly usefull Lang basil only grown in the Lang area in Vietnam. Basil can be used for culinary purposes, medicinal purposes, as a pest repellant, and as a garden plant companion. Others basils are known for their beautiful flowers and the different colors of their leaves.

Cinnamon basil is beautiful and aromatic
with its red stem, bright green leaves and purple flowers.
Photo by David Werst

One of my favorite basils is cinnamon basil. Let’s talk about the amazing cinnamon basil just a moment: