How To: Save Your Seeds

| 10/6/2010 12:55:02 PM

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If you're a beginning gardener looking for a plant to grow that you also can save seeds from, marigolds are a good choice. 

Collect seed from different marigolds for a good variety.
Photo by Patsy Bell Hobson

Why should I save seed? It's free! Collecting seeds from your own flowers is practical and economical. Seed savers learn more about their plants and build their gardening skills. *Note: Hybrid varieties are bred from two distinct parent plants. Seeds saved from hybrids may not produce plants exactly like the one you bought. 

What should I save? If you grow some tasty or outstanding plants, you can save the seed from your best fruits and flowers. Collecting the best seed from the best plants year after year will create plants that are ideal for your soil and zone.

Where should I store seed? Make sure the seed is cool and dry then store it in an envelope or a ziplock bag; label and date the packet. If you learned a helpful growing technique, write it down. Make notes about growing the seed and put it inside the envelope. Trust me, you should write down the name of the seeds, the date and any details or tips.