How to Care for Edible Orchids

| 2/16/2009 5:11:45 PM



Admittedly, I have a tough time finding house plants that are safe around my cats. Because, for the most part, my cats are well behaved and prefer to bite eachother rather than the plants (playful bites, not PETA bites), but occasionaly my three-legger, Pitters, has a hanerkin' for something green.

Recently, I bought a 3- or 4-foot yucca cane plant to put in my bedroom window—something that could go well in an ecclectic "folkloric" room. I found out after I bought it, and went through the hundred battles necessary to transport it in my car, "Yuccas are bad for cats." 

Great. Well, the quick fix for my cats has always been to mist the plant leaves and sprinkle with either cinnamon or cayenne pepper.  It works for me, and it very well may work for you, but like I said, my cats are well trained.

If your cats are simply insatiable, but you'd still like to have a nice houseplant, there's good news—buy an orchid!

Dining Room
My dining room, which has effectively become a conservatory!