Herbie Road Trip: Herb Fest in Beaumont, Texas

| 4/6/2011 10:39:00 AM

J.RushingJessy Rushing is a Texas gardener who fell in love with herbs after tripping into a rosemary shrub one day. The scent on her clothes cheered her up all afternoon. Her curiosity was aroused and since then her herb gardening has been part investigation, part experimentation and most importantly, part delight. 

Hooray! It’s finally spring. After months of chilly hibernation the earth is waking up to greet us once again. My herbie radar goes into overdrive during this time of year and I’m on the prowl for celebrations of all things herbal. How fortunate to know about the Herb Fest in Beaumont, Texas—my old stompin’ grounds.

Every year, a group called “Thyme for Herbs” puts on an Herb Fest at the Beaumont Botanical Gardens. There are vendors, speakers, and plants, plants, plants.

This year I was nearly overcome with delight because in addition to a lovely array of herbs (I bought 14!) one of the guest speakers was author Susan Wittig Albert. If you’re unfamiliar with the China Bayles mysteries that Susan writes, do pick one up. Besides the intriguing mystery, each book is a wealth of herbal lore, quirky information and recipes. I just started her latest “Mourning Gloria,” and it’s another winner.

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Check out her website About Thyme for more information and news about her other books, blogs and newsletter.