Herbal Travels: Visiting Gardens During My Herbal Vacation

| 7/15/2012 9:25:00 PM

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I know it is tough for some of you to take a vacation, even when the weather is as hot and summery as it has been for most the country. So because part of my mission is to travel, I am going to take you on my vacations that I took last year to various herb gardens. So sit back and relax, because I am about to take you through Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Glencoe (a suburb of Chicago), Illinois; De Steeg, Netherlands; and Sault and Pertuis in the region of Provence, France.

Holt Physic Garden

The Harold and Frances Holt Physic Garden  Vancouver  British Columbia 

One of the highlights on our trip to Vancouver last May was my visit to the Harold and Frances Holt Physic Garden in the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens. It is modeled after a 16th century Dutch engraving of a monastic garden.

I loved that it is an intimate garden surrounded by a yew hedge to protect the “ignorant” from the many poisonous plants the garden contains. The hedge is protecting me because I have so much to learn about medicinal herbs, never mind that some may be poisonous! 

The Holt Physic Garden is a formal garden that contains 12 concentric brick-edged beds surrounding a sundial. It uses the Doctrine of Signatures, which is an ancient belief that plants are marked with a divine sign indicating their purpose. (For example, lungwort looked like a diseased lung so it was thought to aid in pulmonary diseases.) The garden is best viewed from early spring through early autumn. It obtained herbal seeds for plants from the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, and carries on a historical legacy of seed exchanges between physic gardens in general. The Holts wanted to maintain the connection to Chelsea and introduce medicinal plants of documented wild origin. Here is a post that I wrote in 2011 called Herbal Travels:  The Chelsea Physic Garden of London, which will give you a brief history of the Chelsea Physic Garden. If you are going to be in the Vancouver area or live near the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden, pay the physic garden a visit. I know you and your family will enjoy it. 

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