Herbal Travels: The Fenton House Garden in England

| 2/25/2011 9:38:49 AM

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Because Mother Nature dumped eight more inches of snow on my herb garden, I am going to wander back over to England and share with you one of last the gardens that I visited last September. It is Fenton House  in Hampstead, England, which is just north of London.

26 Feb 2011 House of Fenton 
Fenton House has been untouched for more than 300 years.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

While the house was beautiful and the collections were very interesting, I was most interested in the gardens. Fenton House is a 17th-century merchant's house that has been unaltered during more than 300 years of continuous occupation. The large garden is also vitually unchanged since it was described in 1756 as "pleasant well-planted with fruit trees and a kitchen garden, all inclos'd with a substantial brick wall."

Here is the cross border, which are surrounded by an 8-foot yew hedge.

26 Feb. 2011 Herb Garden 
Cross borders are surrounded by a yew hedge.
Photo by Nancy Heraud